Dumpster Rental

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Roll Off Dumpster Rental

In addition to full service options like junk removal, we offer dumpster rentals. Several sizes of self-service roll-off dumpsters are available for your DIY project or Commercial use.

Use roll-off dumpsters for small projects such as

  • spring cleaning
  • fall leaves, pine needles and brush
  • tree removal
  • home remodels
  • deck repair or expansions

Additionally, we have the capacity to handle large jobs for commercial projects. Anything from new construction to demolition and everything in between.

Dumpster rentals can last from one day to several weeks. We'll drop off the containers in the location you request, taking care to protect your property.

We know you value your home and business. That's why we take extra care of your property when delivering and picking up roll-offs at your place of business or home.

Dumpster sizes

10 Yard:


Ideal for residential uses such as yard cleanup, garage clean-out, minor remodeling jobs, or even a special event. A 10-yard container measures 4' tall x 7' wide x 12' long, which is the equivalent of 3-4 long-bed pickup truck loads.

10 Yard enclosed:


Same dimensions as our regular 10-yard. However, if you'd like to keep the critters away or prevent other people dumping unwanted items in your dumpster, the 10-yard enclosed version is a good option.

20 Yard:


The 20-yard dumpster is 4' tall x 7' wide x 23' long. Approximately the same as 6-8 pickup trucks. This size is recommended for remodeling, larger property cleanup, small demolition/tear down projects, small-medium sized special events, and light construction.

30 Yard:


At 6' tall x 7' wide x 23' long, this is suitable for larger construction projects, large community/special events, whole-house remodels, large-scale demolition and more.

Helpful information for container rentals

When requesting a specific size for your project, keep in mind that regulations require all containers be tarped/covered for transportation. For the safety of our community, please do not fill the container higher than the sides. This allows us to tarp the container and transport it to the dump site without debris falling out.

If you fill your container and still have more items, please call us at 719-687-7900 and we'll arrange to have another one dropped off at your site.

Prohibited Items in Self-Service Dumpsters

NOTE: Take care not to put dirt, gravel, rock, block, horse manure or other heavy items in containers/dumpsters as they add more weight than most people realize and may end up costing you additional money if they make container go over weight. Please call us if you have questions on any heavy items you may be wanting too to dispose of, so we can try to prevent additional costs to you.

  • stop


    Asbestos, PCB waste, transformers

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  • stop

    Contaminated Absorbents and Soils

  • stop


    Computers, Monitors, TV’s, Electronics.

  • stop

    Fluorescent and Mercury Bulbs

  • stop


    No type of fuel can be put in a dumpster.

  • stop

    Industrial Drums

    Substances inside are considered hazardous.

  • stop

    Infectious Waste

    Consists of materials used in medicine, such as used bandages or discarded surgical gloves.

prohibited items-bigger
  • stop

    Liquid Chemicals

  • stop

    Medical and Hazardous Waste Oils

    Oil, oil filters, antifreeze or any oil used in automobiles or as general industrial lubricants.

  • stop

    Paints and Lacquers

  • stop

    Propane Bottles/Tanks

    Propane tanks/bottles of any kind, pressurized containers, fire extinguishers.

  • stop

    Refrigerators, Freezers and Air Conditioners

    Only those that are certified properly drained and tagged of refrigerant can be thrown in a dumpster.

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    Wet Concrete, Mud or Slurry

For your convenience look at the chart below to determine how much a roll off container will haul compared to your pickup truck.

Full Size Long-Bed Pickup Truck Capacity

The bed of a standard long-bed pickup has dimensions of: 8' long X 5.33' wide X 1.5' high. When loaded level full, a truck of this size will hold approximately 2.5 cubic yards of material. The following chart outlines some additional common capacities of the full-sized pickup truck.

Depth of material loaded in pickup bedCapacity
27 inches deep3.5 cubic yards
22.5 inches deep3.0 cubic yards
18 inches deep2.5 cubic yards
15 inches deep2.0 cubic yards

Full Size Short-Bed Pickup Truck Capacity

The bed of a standard short-bed pickup has dimensions of: 6' long X 4.5' wide X 1.5' high. When loaded level full, a truck of this size will hold 1.5 cubic yards of material. The following chart outlines some additional common capacities of the short-bed pickup truck.

Depth of material loaded in pickup bedCapacity
30 inches deep2.5 cubic yards
24 inches deep2.0 cubic yards
18 inches deep1.5 cubic yards